Overcoming lifes greatest

Bible Fellowship Elective-Overcoming Life's Greatest Challenges

August 27th - January 7th, 2018


In this class you will learn how to overcome the challenges that God allows to come into our lives. You will learn the purpose behind the trials of your faith and how God works His will and His blessings into your life through difficulties, strengthening your trust and faith in Him. This class is taught by Rob Arias and meets in the Nance Hall.

The tabernacle

Bible Fellowship Elective-The Tabernacle-Studying The Types Of Christ

August 27th - January 7th, 2018

God commanded Moses to build a dwelling place for His presence among the children of Israel after the Exodus. God's design for the tabernacle was both theological and typological. For Israel, the tabernacle was a place of celebration and worship. But most importantly, the tabernacle was typological in that it anticipated a greater fulfillment through the person and work of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

This class will be taught by Joe Perrino.

Always rejoicing  title

College & Career Bible Elective- Rejoice Always (A Study of Philippians)

August 27th - January 7th, 2018

Every believer desires to experience the abundant joy that Jesus Christ promised! Yet, many Christians seem to mistakenly believe that joy "just happens." God's truth is that joy is a by-product of a right relationship with Jesus Christ. Joy comes from willingly living within the parameters of God's truth and His promises.

The book of Philippians presents one of the Bible's greatest studies on faithful, joyful Christian living. This thirteen-lesson study will encourage you and equip you to walk with joy through every circumstance and trial of the Christian life. Verse by verse you will rediscover God's plan for growing, transforming, and using your lifeā€”in the context of His ever-present joy.

Crazy love 2

Ladies Bible Study

September 5th - December 19th, 2017

The God of the universe is crazy about you! His love is the most powerful thing in the world and He wants to give it to you, so you can live for Him. In this study of Francis Chan's book, Crazy Love, you will be reminded and challenged in your walk as chan shares from his own life struggles and sacrifices, and issues a call for selfless, Christ-like living. Let the love you have received from God impact your life like never before.

This ladies study will be led by Dahnielle Arias.