Lessons from legends  title

College & Career Bible Fellowship Elective- Lessons From Legends

January 28th - April 22nd, 2018


Some of the greatest biographies of history are recorded right in the pages of Scripture.The Bible tells the true stories of men and women whose names are still familiar to us today because of their legendary accomplishments for God.

In this thirteen-lesson curriculum, students learn from the lives of the earliest giants of faith. From their testimonies, we learn that the impossible is still attainable for those will walk with and trust in power of God!

The lessons included are gleaned from the lives of the following legends of history:

Joshua—Training for Leadership
Caleb—Mountain Claiming
Barnabas—The Encourager
John—The Beloved
Jeremiah—Heart of Compassion
Ruth—From Defeat to Victory
Job—Trusting in Tribulations
Samson—Wasted Potential
Centurion—The Man Who Amazed Jesus
Esther—Found Faithful
Elisha—A Double Portion
Joseph—Living Like Jesus
Jonathan—True Friendship

This class is taught by Joshua Payne
(Workbook is available for $5.00)

Always rejoicing  title

Bible Fellowship Elective- Always Rejoicing

January 28th - April 22nd, 2018


Every believer desires to experience the abundant joy that Jesus Christ promised! Yet, many Christians seem to mistakenly believe that joy "just happens." It's as though they are waiting for some fantastic event to occur that will produce instant joy. God's truth is that joy is a by-product of a right relationship with Jesus Christ. It is not a commodity but rather a character! Joy comes from willingly living within the parameters of God's truth and His promises.

The book of Philippians presents one of the Bible's greatest studies on faithful, joyful Christian living. This thirteen-lesson study will encourage you and equip you to walk with joy through every circumstance and trial of the Christian life. Verse by verse you will rediscover God's plan for growing, transforming, and using your life—in the context of His ever-present joy. In each lesson, you will find that joy is the product of His process and His plan at work in you.

This class is taught by Joe Perrino
(Student Workbook available for $5.00)

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Bible Fellowship Elective- Consider Christ

January 28th - April 22nd, 2018


Our minds are constantly asked to consider something. Voices from every direction call us to consider their message. Political campaigns, advertisements, posts on social media, friends, family, our own thoughts—they all call us to consider, to give them space in our minds and a moment of our attention.

In all our considering, there is one who easily gets crowded out of our everyday thoughts—Jesus Christ. Yet, God’s Word specifically calls us to “Consider Him” (Hebrews 12:3). Through this thirteen-lesson study, consider Jesus. As you focus your thoughts on Him, you’ll find your mind renewed and your joy refreshed.

Lesson topics include:

Consider Christ
Consider His Presence
Consider His Omniscience
Consider His Deliverance
Consider His Omnipotence
Consider His Lordship
Consider His Holiness
Consider His Forgiveness
Consider His Power
Consider His Provision
Consider His Eternality
Consider His Suffering
Consider His Priority

This class is taught by Rob Arias
(Student Workbook available for $5.00)

Ladies study

Ladies Bible Study

April 3rd - June 19th, 2018

It's not easy being a woman in today's world. The demands and expectations can be overwhelming; and deep within, we long to meet God and be changed in his presence. In this twelve-session study, meet twelve biblical women who encountered God and whose lives were forever changed.

This ladies study will be led by Dahnielle Arias.